Los Angeles Chapter Spring Tutoring

In 2021, more than 15 tutors from the LA chapter of Student Corps participated in the Spring Tutoring program.

With over 100 students served, we are proud to give back to our local community.

A wide range of classes supported a variety of students’ endeavors – including Chess, Speech & Debate, AP Biology, AP Physics, Music Theory and Composition, AI/Machine Learning, Arts and Crafts, Fun Math, Fun Games, Coding for Beginners, Elementary School Math, and more.

Written by: Richard Zhu

Image: Student Corps LA Tutors (Top row from left to right: Eric Gediman, Richard Zhu, Aaron Ellis; Middle row from left to right: Michelle Dorn, Angela Yang, Jerry Yang; Bottom row: Hannah Yang)

Tri-Valley Food Bank

The Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano has experienced a 50% increase in food needs through the ongoing pandemic, serving 270,000 people a month instead of the usual 178,000. Nonetheless, the Food Bank has never failed to disappoint as they took on the pandemic with an expanded warehouse (over 100k sq feet!), increased advocation on food insecurities, and volunteers like you and me to help the community. With the food bank’s outstanding efforts, it was clear to the Tri-Valley Chapter of NorCal that this food bank deserved all the help it could get. Especially since they support over 240 nonprofits, they not only help out their neighbors but also their local charities! 

On June 16, 2021, seven members of the Tri-Valley chapter arrived at the food bank and went right to work. Within the warehouse were pallets stacked high with all kinds of canned goods such as corn, beans, and tomato sauce. These canned goods were all wrapped in large amounts of plastic wrap, so our job was to cut away all the plastic and transfer the food to an empty wooden pallet. In addition, with our donation to the food bank of $500, we will have provided an additional 1000 healthy meals to people in need! The food bank is a multi-level process with many moving parts, and we were able to contribute to something that helps hundreds of more people!

Fremont Chapter Park Cleanup 5/29/21

Written by: Steven Wang

This past Saturday, the Fremont chapter of NorCal Student Corps went out for both a park cleanup and a check delivery at Coyote Creek, hosted by KCCB (Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful). Bringing a 500 dollar check with them, which would, in the words of KCCB, “make a world of difference” for the organization, our volunteers all have taken time out of their day to contribute to the community.

Presentation of the check occurred in front of a mural with an interesting backstory. The wall on which it was painted belonged to an elementary school and had been graffitied repeatedly, so the city and the school got together and took input from various sources on what should be done. A mural was decided to be most effective. The content of the mural was largely decided by students of the school, and it makes a strong statement regarding environmental conservation and restoration – fitting for the day’s theme.

NorthCal Coyote Creek Park Cleanup

Written by: Steven Wang (Fremont Chapter President)

On April 10th, 2021, over fifteen Student Corps members and their parents from four different NorCal chapters descended upon Coyote Creek in a coordinated, socially-distanced effort to clean up sections of the creek and their surroundings. Through the local nonprofit Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful, the team of over twenty volunteers filled twenty-six 55-gallon trash bags, retrieving the most “large items” among the month’s participants.

On behalf of all of the participants that came this weekend, I can proudly say that this experience and event was the most satisfying I, the author, and the others have had in a long time. Minimizing the human footprint has become one of the foremost issues facing society today, and I seek everyday to play even the smallest role in the fight against environmental problems such as climate change. The physical effort of scouring an area for trash, repeatedly hauling heavy trash bags to the curbside, and bringing bulky items up from the creek brought smiles among all of the Student Corps volunteers; the difference we were able to make upon nature and its elements left positive and lasting impressions.

Thank you to all of the NorCal students that took the time to come out this weekend and continue volunteering through these difficult and harsh times. I applaud and encourage everyone to continue doing great work for the community. Shown below is a video collage of the pictures we took this weekend.

Wellesley Stars Chapter and Charles River Conservancy | October-November 2020

On October 10th, October 24th, and November 21st, the Wellesley Stars Chapter worked with Charles River Conservancy to clean up at Charles River, Magazine Beach, and Herter Park Amphitheater. Students worked tirelessly to help pick up any trash and leaves, from bottles to broken down scooters, everything was cleaned with efficiency. The Wellesley Stars students didn’t feel discouraged after seeing the shocking amounts of trash everywhere, but rather felt encouraged to help out more! We hope their kindness and compassion can inspire you too!