NorCal Chapters Raise Money For Big Brother Big Sisters 2020

On August 19th, 2020, officers and members from Student Corps’ NorCal chapters came to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area’s Milpitas office to present the annual 500 dollar donation as part of the partnership between Student Corps and Big Brother Big Sisters of the Bay Area. These 500 dollars, funded mainly by Jupiter Peng’s (president of Santa Clara Chapter) computer programming tutoring class and our long-term bottle recycling event across all chapters, will be used for BBBSBA’s mentorship program.

Members met with Anthony Spivey, VP of program of BBBSBA, and exchanged ideas with him on setting up academic tutoring program for BBBSBA littles, as most of the BBBABS littles have, and continue to stay home for virtual learning. More and more high school students join SC’s online tutoring program each day during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

Thank you to all the members for another year of hardworking and serving the community. SC NorCal continues to grow even during these uncertain times!


Weston Student Corps activities to fight COVID-19

Congratulations to the Weston Student Corps chapter for planning and completing so many events in support of the fight against COVID-19! We wanted to highlight some of their many accomplishments from this past few months in this post. Thank you to all members for your dedication and effort.

April 2020: T-shirt fundraiser in support of Wuhan

In February, members of Weston and surrounding communities all came together to sing a song to build hope for the fight against Covid-19 in Wuhan. There we sold T-shirts for everyone to wear and show solidarity. Not only were the T-shirts very cool, but the funds raised by selling those shirts would be donated to nonprofits to help fight the pandemic. These shirts would also be worn at the march to raise funds for our friends in Wuhan and show that the Chinese communities of Massachusetts care for those in Wuhan. Over 100 people showed up to sing and overall was a very fun experience while also being very important.

Members: Edward Wu, Vincent Lian, Sophia Peng

March 2020: Helping registration at Walk for Wuhan at Newton

Students participated in events to showcase positive and united effort in our community, to support fighting against COVID-19, and for fundraising for needed medical supplies.

April 2020: Drive and drop off masks to senior houses

Weston Student Corp collected 8900 face masks, packaged and delivered them to multiple hospitals, senior houses, fire department, including Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Common Cathedral Boston / for homeless shelter, Advinia Care Senior Housing,Wilmington, Simon C Fireman Community RANDOLPH, North Hill Senior Center Needham, Granite Place, Weston neighborhood, and Weston fire department. 

Among the institutions we donated masks, Advinia Care senior center Wilmington, during that time had 85 of 94 residents infected by Covid19, and 36 passed away, thus becoming MGH Recovery hospital.

Members: Vincent Lian, Edward Wu

April 2020: Mask drive for Personal Protective Equipment

In April 2020, a large shipment of masks were donated and shipped to Boston directly from factories in China directly, in order to save shipping costs, those masks had to be shipped without paper boxes. Weston Students corps members handpacked 100 boxes of masks per household (5,000 masks) and donated them to homeless shelters and senior homes across the country. The saved costs on packaging were donated back to a non-profit organization to buy more masks.

Members: Irene Wu, Vincent Lian, Richard Li, Anne Li, Edward Wu, Ethan Wu, Elaine Wang, Jojo Wu, Nancy Xie, Nelson Wang, Joey Wu, Jonathan Wu

April 2020: Massachusetts mask drive

Across Massachusetts, many people wanted to donate small packages of masks and PPEs to first responders, some of PPEs were bought before COVID-19 breakout, some of PPEs were sent from family members overseas. In order to reduce the overhead and streamline the donation process, a group of Weston student corps members went home by home to collect the donations so they can be packaged and donated together to different hospitals.

Members: Vincent Lian, Edward Wu, Irene Wu, Sophia Peng, Natalie Q Feng

April 2020: Activities with children of first responders

During the peak of the pandemic, we organized various activities and homework helps for the first responders’ children, so these children had resources and entertainment while their parents were working.

Members: Vincent Lian, Irene Wu, Joey Wu, Jonathan Wu

April 2020: Creating personalized lunches for first responders

Because the hospitals and first responders were overwhelmed during the pandemic, to show our appreciation, some non-profit organizations decorated lunches. Weston Student Corps partnered with one of the organizations, crafted personalized bags for 100 staff at Melrose Wakefield Healthcare, and 20 to Weston Police and Firefighters.

Members: Edward Wu, Ethan Wu, Irene Wu, Vincent Lian, Albert Wu, Anne Li, Jay Zhu, Elaine Peng, Maily Hia, Yifei Hu, Sophia Peng, Julia Chow, Alfred Chow, Natalie Q Feng, Jonathan Wu, Reina Wang, Nancy Xie

May 2020: Personal delivery of face masks in community

When the pandemic started to get worse, many community members didn’t have masks but still had to leave home sometimes. Weston Student corps connected with those community members and delivered face masks in their mailboxes.

Members: Irene Wu, Yifei Hu. Sophia Peng, Natalie Q Feng, Reina Wang, Elaine Wang, Vincent Lian, Joey Wu. Jonathan Wu, Elaine Wang, Yifei Hu, Sophia Peng. Vincent Lian

May 2020: Setting up mask distribution center

Some Weston Student Corps members also cooperated with the Weston Chinese community and set up a local mask distribution center stationed in Weston Fire Departments, and ensure it always contains enough masks for the community members.

Members: Joey Wu, Jonathan Wu, Elaine Wang, Sophia Peng

May 2020: Processing PPE China deliveries

Members prepared, repackaged and labeled PPEs shipped from China to make them ready for donation to hospitals and nursing homes.

Members: Joey Wu, Jonathan Wu. Elaine Wang. Jojo Wu, Nancy Xie. Nelson Wang, Sophia Peng

Thank you to Weston Student Corps chapter members for your hard efforts! Keep up the great work!

Student Corps COVID-19 Response – NorCal

In these times of hardships and uncertainty, the students of Student Corps’ Northern California branches have all made an effort to help those at the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. To address the high demand for medical equipment, students have come together to design and make their own homemade masks and face shields. (Huge thanks and appreciation to Jupiter Peng for designing and initiating this project!) These protective medical pieces were donated to the following local hospitals and nursing homes: 

  • Santa Clara Kaiser Permanente 
  • Eden Medical Center 
  • Oakland Kaiser Permanente
  • San Jose Redwood Post-Acute
  • Villa Fontana Retirement Center
  • Asian American Home Health
  • Morgan Hill Nursing Home
  • Foothill Community Health Center

These masks were also donated to various hospitals in New York and the AMWA (American Medical Women’s Association). 

Student Corps’ NorCal chapters have hand-made a total of 532 face shields, 317 face masks, 40 face mask filters, and 68 mask clips, and have donated them all to hospitals, nursing homes, and retirement homes. Utilizing inexpensive yet high-quality material for this project, the members of Student Corps’ NorCal chapters continue to ensure that local hospitals have an extra source for crucial protective gear against the coronavirus. 

Additionally, our students from the NorCal chapters have initiated online tutoring services to help younger students living in China. As the very first victims of this pandemic, children living in Wuhan were unable to go to school and receive regular schooling and learning hours. With 20 teacher-student pairs, the members of NorCal’s chapters continue to provide their services for the many families under strict quarantine in Wuhan. 

Thank you to everyone who has taken their time and contributed their efforts to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. In these times of dire need, we need to take this extra effort in supporting the most vulnerable, including essential workers and senior citizens. We are all in this together, and the students of the NorCal chapters will continue their efforts in tutoring and donations until we beat this invisible enemy.

Some wonderful pictures of our NorCal teams in action:

Student Corps COVID-19 Response – Massachusetts

In the midst of this global pandemic, our Student Corps volunteers have rallied and put together a months-long effort to distribute and donate supplies to local medical centers. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the great achievements our Massachusetts branches have made. Stay tuned for our next post highlighting our California branches’ projects!

Together, our Massachusetts branches have donated 9263 surgical masks, N95 masks, and other breathing masks. That’s amazing! A lot of our materials were sourced from donations shipped abroad, so we would like to thank our friends across the ocean and shipping companies for keeping our packages safe and helping us move critical medical supplies during this difficult time.

We have also donated over 500 hand-sewn masks and hats to local senior homes and hospices, to help protect our most vulnerable population and those who take care of them every day.

Our Massachusetts branches together have also donated $2320 to the emergency COVID-19 fund of Massachusetts General Hospital, donated in four batches.

Our students have also started a virtual tutoring initiative specially designed for children with parents working during the day for essential services, especially since students are studying at home now. Please feel free to share our program with anyone who might benefit from it!

Thank you so much to our student community for your wonderful efforts and for your courage to help the people most in need during this pandemic. The future is in good hands with your generosity and compassion!

Some wonderful pictures of our Massachusetts teams in action:

In our first wave of donations, we made a big delivery of over 6000 masks to Massachusetts General Hospital, where it was warmly welcomed by nurses working on the front line. Go students!
6000 masks is a lot of boxes! Our volunteers helped in the pouring rain to move everything into Massachusetts General Hospital’s donation receiving center, to make sure everything got to where it needed to be.
Our volunteers even received a personal thank-you letter from Dr. Nicholson, Senior Vice President for Development at Massachusetts General Hospital!
Our students met with nurses from Lexington Pediatrics to donate masks. We also sent boxes of masks to Boston College’s William F. Connell School of Nursing and local hospice and nurse associations!
Students drove themselves to AdviniaCare in Salem, MA to donate boxes of masks and other medical supplies.
Our students even learned how to sew in quarantine to be able to make homemade masks for local senior homes and hospices! We made over 500 masks and hats, all from recycled materials.
The Wellesley Stars branch delivered hand-sewn masks to The Falls at Cordingly Dam, a local senior home where they had performed volunteer music concerts for the residents before quarantine.

NorCal Chapters 2018 – 2019

Through the years of 2018 and 2019, the volunteers of Student Corps’ NorCal chapters participated in a variety of events and long term goals to help families in need and spread awareness on different causes. With our partnership with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Bay Area (BBBS), the students collectively raised 500 dollars to donate in the form of a scholarship to a child in need. This included a year long bottle recycling program that contributed to the majority of the money raised. Additionally, in both the years of 2018 and 2019, the students of our NorCal chapters joined BBBS in their annual Bowl for Kids Sake event to help celebrate the year long fundraiser. Alongside this partnership, many more individual events were held. Our students joined the 2nd Harvest Food Bank in helping sort food for people in need, helped the Stanford Asian Liver Center to spread awareness on HBV, and many more events that heavily benefitted the community in a vast variety of ways.