Recycling Halfway through 2019!

The California Chapters of Student Corps have been hard at work recycling their bottles! All funds will benefit our annual donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ventura County. Here are some pictures below of the various students of all ages recycling! Thank you everyone for volunteering their time to help further education and support sustainability efforts!

Note: As of August 2019, all rePlanet locations in California have been shut down. Please refer to your local recycling centers to recycle your bottles. You may presort 50 bottles of each type of material, which are plastic, glass, and aluminum, per person present at each recycling center. (1 person: 150 bottles maximum; 2 persons: 300 bottles maximum; etc.) The rest of the bottles will most likely be weighed.

See below for pictures!

Leisure Village Performance 8/2/2019

On August 2nd, 2019, volunteers from Student Corps performed in a music night at the Leisure Village, a senior center located in Camarillo, California. There were four performances from Student Corps that kicked off the night, with multiple art forms, including the Hulusi, tap dancing, sword dancing, and piano playing! There was also a volunteer artist who drew pictures of the various seniors in attendance.

Here’s a list of the performances:

Tap Dance: Hold my Hands; Cathleen Chen (11 years old)

Dance of the Golden Snake; Daisy Li (16 years old)

Sword Dance; Baoxin Zhang

Kapustin Toccatina Op. 40 No. 3; Richard Qiu (18 years old)

And Guest Artist: Andy Peng, Portrait Drawing


Thank you to all who volunteered at this wonderful event! There will be more to come, with new faces for our future performers.

Pictures are below.

2019 Chinese New Year | Charity

On January 19th, our Massachusetts students celebrated Chinese New Year with the community, by volunteering and fundraising. Students worked throughout the day, helping with many different tasks, while still continuing to raise money for burnt victims. Even when exhausted, the students kept the happy spirit up. Thank you to the 40+ students who helped out!