Minutemen Chapter Concert – 12/19/2021

The Minutemen Chapter organized a volunteer activity at CareOne Lexington and held a Christmas Window concert for the elderly. They brought along festive holiday spirits to the elderly who sadly had visitors restricted during the COVID-19 period. Happy holidays to all our thoughtful and dedicated students!

Johns Creek Chapter – 11/23/2021

On a sunny November day, the Johns Creek Chapter students worked hard to clean up along the beach and lakeside trails in Lake Lanier.  From cigarettes to bottle caps, after getting cleaned, Lake Lanier was restored to its naturally beautiful state. Amazing work helping our planet!

Story from Johns Creek Chapter

This year, the Johns Creek Chapter has participated in many tutoring events for students in the local community and even those with learning disabilities. Tutors from the Johns Creek Chapters taught everything from core academic classes such as English and Math to valuable life skills in public speaking. Also, the chapter had fun events such as music performances to serve the elderly and kids with disabilities. Recycling events were also conducted to raise money for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America organization, with scrap pieces of metal being traded in for money.

Written by: Alexander Wang

Los Angeles Chapter Spring Tutoring

In 2021, more than 15 tutors from the LA chapter of Student Corps participated in the Spring Tutoring program.

With over 100 students served, we are proud to give back to our local community.

A wide range of classes supported a variety of students’ endeavors – including Chess, Speech & Debate, AP Biology, AP Physics, Music Theory and Composition, AI/Machine Learning, Arts and Crafts, Fun Math, Fun Games, Coding for Beginners, Elementary School Math, and more.

Written by: Richard Zhu

Image: Student Corps LA Tutors (Top row from left to right: Eric Gediman, Richard Zhu, Aaron Ellis; Middle row from left to right: Michelle Dorn, Angela Yang, Jerry Yang; Bottom row: Hannah Yang)