The North Kentucky Chapter provides free radon testing to their local community

The North Kentucky Student Corps (NKYSC) organized two virtual Zoom meetings to study radon testing in residential houses. Radon, a hazardous gas with long-term health effects, is particularly notable in Kentucky. On August 28, 2022, the NKYSC invited Professor Hongxiang Li from the J.B. Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville to give a presentation about radon testing and to lead the discussion among NKYSC members. Seeking to help the local community maintain good health, the NKYSC decided to provide families an opportunity to test the radon levels in their homes, especially in their basements, in order to ensure that their homes do not have a potential hazard. NKYSC members purchased different types of EPA-approved radon detectors to offer free radon test service to the local community; Summer Li, a member of the chapter, designed a flyer describing the radon test in detail.

On September 18, 2022, the NKYSC held a charity sale to raise money for Student Corps. The Kentuckiana Chinese School graciously allowed the NKYSC to set up tables in its parking lot. The NKYSC also used this opportunity to promote their radon test service and successfully made appointments with multiple house owners. Homeowners generously donated a sum of $100 to Student Corps.

During this event, NKYSC members also sold second-hand books and toys to young children. The NKYSC believes that books are a vital element to a child’s academic development and thus is willing to provide them at a lower cost to the families that need access to such a resource. The NKYSC raised $118 through this charity sale and previous ones; these funds were then donated to Student Corps.

All in all, the North Kentucky Student Corps hopes to continue providing services that will benefit the community’s physical and mental health.

By Oliver Li

Lexington Minuteman Chapter Shriners Children’s Hospital Fundraiser – 7/29/22, 7/30/22

On July 29th and 30th, over 20 students from across Lexington held a fundraiser in support of Shriners Children’s Hospitals in Boston, a hospital providing free treatment for children with various life-altering injuries. The team raised a total of $1392 dollars, far surpassing their original goal of $800.

The team of students, consisting of both Student Corps members and volunteers from other nonprofit organizations, prepared gift bags and drinks to be given out. Volunteers were split into teams, splitting off across town to raise money for the cause. Many teams reported lots of gratitude from other residents. “The kids were so nice and polite.”, said a senior Lexington resident. Despite the intense heat and long hours, each volunteer displayed commitment and dedication. Phenomenal teamwork was shown between the teams, with some exchanging guidance and strategies, and others sharing gift bags with teams that had run out.

The Lexington Minuteman Chapter hopes to even more fundraisers and student-led initiatives in the near future.

By Leo Qian, Fundraising Director


Eirene Chapter Ukraine Fundraiser – 4/2/22

On April 2nd, 2022, students from the Eirene Chapter held a fundraiser for the Dynamo Fencing Foundation — a local team focused on supporting the Ukrainian people forced to fight against the invasion and destruction of their homes. These students baked cookies to spread love and awareness for Ukraine throughout Boston. With their work, $245 was raised to fight for the peace and wellness of all. Amazing work per usual, and I urge students to also do their part in fighting against the inhumane actions of others!

North Kentucky Student Corps Face Mask Donation – 1/16/2022

On Sunday, January 16, 2022, around 1:30 PM, four students from the North Kentucky Student Corps chapter along with their parents arrived at StoryPoint Prospect, a senior living home. The students intended to donate 100 face masks, including 60 N95 masks, to the facility. Included with the donated masks were cotton masks which had been handmade by the students themselves. After meeting with the manager Mrs. Emily Peck, they went through all the necessary Covid checks.

Following the donation, the students and parents accepted a tour of the facility by Mrs. Peck. They were given a detailed description of the primary operations of StoryPoint Prospect while being able to see much of the facility. After the tour, the students discussed the possibility of volunteering for StoryPoint Prospect to help care for the senior residents.

Mrs. Peck was grateful for the proposal and welcomed all the students to sign up for volunteering service if the living home Covid regulation allows later. The North Kentucky Student Corps chapter members hope to volunteer for StoryPoint Prospect on a more regular basis in the near future.

By Oliver Li

Minutemen Chapter Concert – 12/19/2021

The Minutemen Chapter organized a volunteer activity at CareOne Lexington and held a Christmas Window concert for the elderly. They brought along festive holiday spirits to the elderly who sadly had visitors restricted during the COVID-19 period. Happy holidays to all our thoughtful and dedicated students!