Student Corps COVID-19 Response – NorCal

In these times of hardships and uncertainty, the students of Student Corps’ Northern California branches have all made an effort to help those at the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. To address the high demand for medical equipment, students have come together to design and make their own homemade masks and face shields. (Huge thanks and appreciation to Jupiter Peng for designing and initiating this project!) These protective medical pieces were donated to the following local hospitals and nursing homes: 

  • Santa Clara Kaiser Permanente 
  • Eden Medical Center 
  • Oakland Kaiser Permanente
  • San Jose Redwood Post-Acute
  • Villa Fontana Retirement Center
  • Asian American Home Health
  • Morgan Hill Nursing Home
  • Foothill Community Health Center

These masks were also donated to various hospitals in New York and the AMWA (American Medical Women’s Association). 

Student Corps’ NorCal chapters have hand-made a total of 532 face shields, 317 face masks, 40 face mask filters, and 68 mask clips, and have donated them all to hospitals, nursing homes, and retirement homes. Utilizing inexpensive yet high-quality material for this project, the members of Student Corps’ NorCal chapters continue to ensure that local hospitals have an extra source for crucial protective gear against the coronavirus. 

Additionally, our students from the NorCal chapters have initiated online tutoring services to help younger students living in China. As the very first victims of this pandemic, children living in Wuhan were unable to go to school and receive regular schooling and learning hours. With 20 teacher-student pairs, the members of NorCal’s chapters continue to provide their services for the many families under strict quarantine in Wuhan. 

Thank you to everyone who has taken their time and contributed their efforts to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. In these times of dire need, we need to take this extra effort in supporting the most vulnerable, including essential workers and senior citizens. We are all in this together, and the students of the NorCal chapters will continue their efforts in tutoring and donations until we beat this invisible enemy.

Some wonderful pictures of our NorCal teams in action:

Student Corps COVID-19 Response – Massachusetts

In the midst of this global pandemic, our Student Corps volunteers have rallied and put together a months-long effort to distribute and donate supplies to local medical centers. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the great achievements our Massachusetts branches have made. Stay tuned for our next post highlighting our California branches’ projects!

Together, our Massachusetts branches have donated 9263 surgical masks, N95 masks, and other breathing masks. That’s amazing! A lot of our materials were sourced from donations shipped abroad, so we would like to thank our friends across the ocean and shipping companies for keeping our packages safe and helping us move critical medical supplies during this difficult time.

We have also donated over 500 hand-sewn masks and hats to local senior homes and hospices, to help protect our most vulnerable population and those who take care of them every day.

Our Massachusetts branches together have also donated $2320 to the emergency COVID-19 fund of Massachusetts General Hospital, donated in four batches.

Our students have also started a virtual tutoring initiative specially designed for children with parents working during the day for essential services, especially since students are studying at home now. Please feel free to share our program with anyone who might benefit from it!

Thank you so much to our student community for your wonderful efforts and for your courage to help the people most in need during this pandemic. The future is in good hands with your generosity and compassion!

Some wonderful pictures of our Massachusetts teams in action:

In our first wave of donations, we made a big delivery of over 6000 masks to Massachusetts General Hospital, where it was warmly welcomed by nurses working on the front line. Go students!
6000 masks is a lot of boxes! Our volunteers helped in the pouring rain to move everything into Massachusetts General Hospital’s donation receiving center, to make sure everything got to where it needed to be.
Our volunteers even received a personal thank-you letter from Dr. Nicholson, Senior Vice President for Development at Massachusetts General Hospital!
Our students met with nurses from Lexington Pediatrics to donate masks. We also sent boxes of masks to Boston College’s William F. Connell School of Nursing and local hospice and nurse associations!
Students drove themselves to AdviniaCare in Salem, MA to donate boxes of masks and other medical supplies.
Our students even learned how to sew in quarantine to be able to make homemade masks for local senior homes and hospices! We made over 500 masks and hats, all from recycled materials.
The Wellesley Stars branch delivered hand-sewn masks to The Falls at Cordingly Dam, a local senior home where they had performed volunteer music concerts for the residents before quarantine.

Words from the National Board: Richard Q.

Dear Members,

It is our passion to help the people and do meaningful things for our community, to improve the environment we are living, and to create brighter futures for our new generations. All of this can be accomplished through volunteering by anyone of any age. However, the capability for younger students to do volunteering is limited. I especially note the lack of volunteer organizations in middle schools and elementary schools, and the only time where students are exposed to volunteering is when they enter high school.

Students always have the potential to change their world.

Student Corps provides an opportunity for all students to lead and shape the volunteering world. Student Corps is 100% led by students, giving them the power to pave the way for change. Students always have the potential to change their world. Our goal is to guide all students in entering the volunteering world and to be passionate about volunteering. In the end, it is not about the award, but rather it is the feeling that you made an impact on the world, one person at a time.


Richard Q.

Dear Members,

Inspired by my very first volunteer service at Sacred Heart Community Center, I deeply was touched by working directly with the families, single mothers/fathers, and children who were in desperate need of supplies. Volunteer service has not only allowed me to better my community one step at a time, but it also has taught me life-long skills of leadership and compassion; I have realized that nobody needs a fancy title such as being a captain or a president to demonstrate leadership: leadership can simply mean lending a helping hand and showing others how to do it as well. Student Corps has given me an avenue to satisfy my growing desire to help myself and others practice our inherent responsibility to contribute to our community.


Leo T.

Words from the National Board: Christie Y.

Dear Members,

Student Corps began as a project among fellow students (The national board currently comprises two rising seniors, a rising junior, a rising sophomore, and a rising sixth-grader) with an idea and a vision. We came together as a group with a common hope: to create an organization for students, by students. Nobody understands the needs of young people better than young people themselves, and that’s what we hope to be: people who facilitate, motivate, and inspire our community — the student community — to enact change in their local communities.

Service is more than a school requirement or a resume thickener. For us, community service is the chance to expand our horizons, recognize perspectives from those around us, and learn from altruism. That’s why the mission of the Student Corps will always be to invigorate students to do service, and to provide students opportunities, ideas, and resources to do so. We created the Student Corps brand to mobilize a nation of intelligent, thoughtful, and optimistic youth to contribute to their communities, and we hope that with the experiences that Student Corps can offer, students will develop and hone their leadership, teamwork, and organizational skills.

We believe that the future is full of hope.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, please think about the principles that are the foundation of Student Corps. We want to inspire young people — kindergartners, fifth graders, sophomores, undergrads, and everyone in between — to realize their roles in their community, and understand how much they can do for the people around them. We hope to instill the values of civic responsibility, altruism, and collaboration within the younger generation, and help students grow as members of their community, because we believe that the future is full of hope — full of people who will love each other, their peers and their communities, so that the world will be at peace.


Christie Y.