NorthCal Coyote Creek Park Cleanup

Written by: Steven Wang (Fremont Chapter President)

On April 10th, 2021, over fifteen Student Corps members and their parents from four different NorCal chapters descended upon Coyote Creek in a coordinated, socially-distanced effort to clean up sections of the creek and their surroundings. Through the local nonprofit Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful, the team of over twenty volunteers filled twenty-six 55-gallon trash bags, retrieving the most “large items” among the month’s participants.

On behalf of all of the participants that came this weekend, I can proudly say that this experience and event was the most satisfying I, the author, and the others have had in a long time. Minimizing the human footprint has become one of the foremost issues facing society today, and I seek everyday to play even the smallest role in the fight against environmental problems such as climate change. The physical effort of scouring an area for trash, repeatedly hauling heavy trash bags to the curbside, and bringing bulky items up from the creek brought smiles among all of the Student Corps volunteers; the difference we were able to make upon nature and its elements left positive and lasting impressions.

Thank you to all of the NorCal students that took the time to come out this weekend and continue volunteering through these difficult and harsh times. I applaud and encourage everyone to continue doing great work for the community. Shown below is a video collage of the pictures we took this weekend.

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