Stories from Weston Fessenden Chapter

Today, we are excited to highlight stories from three members of our Fessenden Chapter, which has done great work this year. Keep up the wonderful efforts, Daniel, Teddy, and Quinten!

Daniel Tang | President of Weston Fessenden Chapter

For me, volunteer service is not only a public benefit activity that needs to be persevered, but also an additional way for me to serve others, give back to the society, and realize the dream of delivering love.
My teaching method is not only popular among students, but also fully recognized by parents. I love seeing smiling faces of students finding the answer after receiving the help of enthusiastic student teachers. This is a symbol of love and care in the community! I am determined to keep going and hopes to influence more friends to join the volunteer team, to dedicate ourselves to passing on love!

My story inspired others and with the support of them, we started to raise money for child burn survivors. An article about my volunteer work was read 7,780 times and received over 1,200 comments, including from my students, my parents, and my friends and family. They mobilized and promoted Student Corps volunteer activities and raised a total of $1,627 to help burned children in the community.

Teddy Zhang | Vice President of Weston Fessenden Chapter

For me, tutoring is an amazing experience as you get to teach other people things they don’t know. My favorite subject is history because it’s a really deep subject from all of the information you learn in history. I like to think of history as a mirror that you use to observe to learn to not make the same mistakes over again. Besides tutoring history I also 3D print face shields for the frontline workers.
My 3D mask charity sale raised $100 which I donated to the help child burn survivors in the community.

Quinten Jin

My name is Zikun Jin and I also go by Quinten. I am currently a 9th-grade student at The Fessenden School.

There is a Chinese proverb, “Gifts of roses, hands there are lingering fragrance.” When I was young, my mother taught me to help others as much as possible within my abilities. I am thrilled to join the Fessenden Chapter, a lovely and united team. Every time I participate in activities, I will have many different feelings and gains.

I have been doing paper-cutting with Beijing paper-cutting artists since I was six years old. I held a personal paper-cutting art exhibition at The Fessenden School in May 2018 and a personal paper-cutting art exhibition at the Newton Free Library in August 2019. In September 2019, two of my artworks were selected for the 100Market Gallery Art Festival in NH! When I joined the Fessenden Chapter team, I planned to give full play to my expertise, so I did a few open paper-cutting classes in Newton Free Library and Belmont Library, which won many people and residents’ praise and increased popularity!

At the beginning of 2020, during the Chinese New Year, I was invited by the Belmont Chinese Association to participate in the lunar new year event. On the day of the event, I performed live paper-cutting and raised funds. My Fessenden Chapter teammates and I entered the venue in advance to set up our booth. In order to attract more people, we hung two paper-cuts of traditional Chinese mascots above the booth and designed several activity plans: live talent show, live paper-cutting Teaching, and paper-cutting crafts production, etc. At the same time, there is a donation box set up on the spot. Each person is responsible for different tasks. Some are responsible for paper-cutting, some are responsible for making paper-cutting crafts, and some wearing ancient Chinese costumes are responsible for publicity… Fully, our booth was full of people and became the busiest place in the audience. A kid bought paper-cut crafts twice by himself and brought a few friends to buy together. In the end, we raised $172 for charity. Everyone is extremely happy and excited. Several of my works were also presented as gifts to Adam Dash, Vice Chairman of Select Board in Baytown, Roy Epstein, Member of Select Board, Senator William N. Brownsberger of Massachusetts, and Congressman David M. Rogers for Fessenden Chapter won praise.

Volunteering is to help others and to be happy about yourself being a contributive person. Let us learn happily, grow, enrich one’s self, and improve in every activity. I gain a lot of knowledge off-campus. We strongly invite you to join our team!

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