Student Corps x Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area

As part of its ongoing partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area (BBBSBA), every year, Northern California Student Corps chapters present a check as a donation to BBBSBA. This year was no different. On Saturday, August 13, a number of Fremont chapter members showed up at BBBSBA’s annual picnic, held at Quarry Lakes Regional Park this year. The picnic celebrates the successes of Big-Little relationships, both new and established.

Students were tasked with running activity stations, such as arts and crafts and gift distribution, along with making sure people had a good time in general. The frisbee painting station in particular saw great interest from dozens of people. At the end of the day, over 40 frisbees, each with dramatic and unique designs, were given out to Big-Little pairs. Student Corps looks forward to the partnership’s future!

Written by Steven Wang

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