Lexington Minuteman Chapter Shriners Children’s Hospital Fundraiser – 7/29/22, 7/30/22

On July 29th and 30th, over 20 students from across Lexington held a fundraiser in support of Shriners Children’s Hospitals in Boston, a hospital providing free treatment for children with various life-altering injuries. The team raised a total of $1392 dollars, far surpassing their original goal of $800.

The team of students, consisting of both Student Corps members and volunteers from other nonprofit organizations, prepared gift bags and drinks to be given out. Volunteers were split into teams, splitting off across town to raise money for the cause. Many teams reported lots of gratitude from other residents. “The kids were so nice and polite.”, said a senior Lexington resident. Despite the intense heat and long hours, each volunteer displayed commitment and dedication. Phenomenal teamwork was shown between the teams, with some exchanging guidance and strategies, and others sharing gift bags with teams that had run out.

The Lexington Minuteman Chapter hopes to even more fundraisers and student-led initiatives in the near future.

Written by Leo Qian, Fundraising Director


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