Student Corps COVID-19 Response – Massachusetts

In the midst of this global pandemic, our Student Corps volunteers have rallied and put together a months-long effort to distribute and donate supplies to local medical centers. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the great achievements our Massachusetts branches have made. Stay tuned for our next post highlighting our California branches’ projects!

Together, our Massachusetts branches have donated 9263 surgical masks, N95 masks, and other breathing masks. That’s amazing! A lot of our materials were sourced from donations shipped abroad, so we would like to thank our friends across the ocean and shipping companies for keeping our packages safe and helping us move critical medical supplies during this difficult time.

We have also donated over 500 hand-sewn masks and hats to local senior homes and hospices, to help protect our most vulnerable population and those who take care of them every day.

Our Massachusetts branches together have also donated $2320 to the emergency COVID-19 fund of Massachusetts General Hospital, donated in four batches.

Our students have also started a virtual tutoring initiative specially designed for children with parents working during the day for essential services, especially since students are studying at home now. Please feel free to share our program with anyone who might benefit from it!

Thank you so much to our student community for your wonderful efforts and for your courage to help the people most in need during this pandemic. The future is in good hands with your generosity and compassion!

Some wonderful pictures of our Massachusetts teams in action:

In our first wave of donations, we made a big delivery of over 6000 masks to Massachusetts General Hospital, where it was warmly welcomed by nurses working on the front line. Go students!
6000 masks is a lot of boxes! Our volunteers helped in the pouring rain to move everything into Massachusetts General Hospital’s donation receiving center, to make sure everything got to where it needed to be.
Our volunteers even received a personal thank-you letter from Dr. Nicholson, Senior Vice President for Development at Massachusetts General Hospital!
Our students met with nurses from Lexington Pediatrics to donate masks. We also sent boxes of masks to Boston College’s William F. Connell School of Nursing and local hospice and nurse associations!
Students drove themselves to AdviniaCare in Salem, MA to donate boxes of masks and other medical supplies.
Our students even learned how to sew in quarantine to be able to make homemade masks for local senior homes and hospices! We made over 500 masks and hats, all from recycled materials.
The Wellesley Stars branch delivered hand-sewn masks to The Falls at Cordingly Dam, a local senior home where they had performed volunteer music concerts for the residents before quarantine.

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