Words from the National Board: Richard Q.

Dear Members,

It is our passion to help the people and do meaningful things for our community, to improve the environment we are living, and to create brighter futures for our new generations. All of this can be accomplished through volunteering by anyone of any age. However, the capability for younger students to do volunteering is limited. I especially note the lack of volunteer organizations in middle schools and elementary schools, and the only time where students are exposed to volunteering is when they enter high school.

Students always have the potential to change their world.

Student Corps provides an opportunity for all students to lead and shape the volunteering world. Student Corps is 100% led by students, giving them the power to pave the way for change. Students always have the potential to change their world. Our goal is to guide all students in entering the volunteering world and to be passionate about volunteering. In the end, it is not about the award, but rather it is the feeling that you made an impact on the world, one person at a time.


Richard Q.

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