Words from the National Board: Christie Y.

Dear Members,

Student Corps began as a project among fellow students (The national board currently comprises two rising seniors, a rising junior, a rising sophomore, and a rising sixth-grader) with an idea and a vision. We came together as a group with a common hope: to create an organization for students, by students. Nobody understands the needs of young people better than young people themselves, and that’s what we hope to be: people who facilitate, motivate, and inspire our community — the student community — to enact change in their local communities.

Service is more than a school requirement or a resume thickener. For us, community service is the chance to expand our horizons, recognize perspectives from those around us, and learn from altruism. That’s why the mission of the Student Corps will always be to invigorate students to do service, and to provide students opportunities, ideas, and resources to do so. We created the Student Corps brand to mobilize a nation of intelligent, thoughtful, and optimistic youth to contribute to their communities, and we hope that with the experiences that Student Corps can offer, students will develop and hone their leadership, teamwork, and organizational skills.

We believe that the future is full of hope.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, please think about the principles that are the foundation of Student Corps. We want to inspire young people — kindergartners, fifth graders, sophomores, undergrads, and everyone in between — to realize their roles in their community, and understand how much they can do for the people around them. We hope to instill the values of civic responsibility, altruism, and collaboration within the younger generation, and help students grow as members of their community, because we believe that the future is full of hope — full of people who will love each other, their peers and their communities, so that the world will be at peace.


Christie Y.


  1. I am a 7th grader’s mom and would to know more about this opportunity to serve Atlanta area. How to join this organization? What can he do after join the organization? Thanks!


    1. Hi Ms. Han! Thank you for your interest. You can see how to apply at this page here: https://studentcorps.org/apply/. The mission of Student Corps is to promote students’ involvement in their communities. Your son will act as a leader of the student community in Atlanta, and take on volunteer projects with his peers to both help their communities and grow as students themselves. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us at our contact page above. Thank you!


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